The Center for Analysis and Research in Peri-Procedural Outcomes (CARPPO) is a multi-disciplinary collaboration of pediatric anesthesiologists, surgeons, sedation providers, nurses, psychologists, and researchers united to improve perioperative outcomes for youth and their families. Our goal is to foster better pediatric perioperative care through,

  • The development of comprehensive multi-disciplinary local and national perioperative outcome registries.
  • Improve youth and family satisfaction with all phases of the perioperative experience.
  • Advance knowledge of better pediatric perioperative care through research, education, and teaching.

Dr. Joseph P. Cravero, MD established the Center for Analysis and Research in Peri-Procedural Outcomes (CARPPO) in July, 2013 at Boston Children’s Hospital to improve the perioperative and sedation experiences for youth and families undergoing medical procedures requiring anesthesia or sedation throughout the hospital.

The CARPPO approach is fundamentally multi-disciplinary, integrating an understanding of clinical practices among anesthesiologists, sedation providers, surgeons, nurses, and psychologists with a diverse set of research methodologies to develop and recommend best practices for the effective delivery of safe and efficacious pediatric peri-procedural care.

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